I went to church tonight and was thinking about what my lesson is today, sadly this was while I was singing. I hate when I sing a worship song and my mind travels. My mouth is saying such amazing things and my mind is treating it like nothing. I was made aware of this earlier this year and wanted to make an effort to only sing if I was thinking of what I was saying. This has made for more meaningful worship this year, but I still trail off sometimes. 
The next song we sang had the lines "I will sing, sing a new song the the Lord" (As it is in Heaven by Matt Maher). I remembered a verse that says, "Sing to the Lord a new song," In fact, when I looked it up tonight, there are 9 verses that mention singing a "new song"; found in Psalms, Isaiah and Revelations. I don't think this means that we need to continually come up with new songs in church because the power of the Holy Spirit still works through some of the old hymns. What I think it means is for us to bring new praises to Lord no matter what the song is. When you sing, apply the message to what God is doing in your life right now! This is another reason why I am glad I am taking this "lesson a day" challenge. It's hard, but isn't everything that builds character?