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In talking with friends about how we know God is real, I heard many stories conjured up from years before. An event that happened when Jane was 14 that convinced her God cared or a situation that Jon got through 8 years ago that wouldn't have been possible without God's intervention. I know those are big, life-changing lessons, real faith-forming stones, but what about the daily lessons? The little ones that come more from a relationship with God than a coming-to-faith event. I know God talks to me daily, and they are profound mini-lessons on his character or advice for my life. Unfortunately, those pass right through my short-term memory if I don't write them down or verbally express them to another person.
    This blog is in response to this -- an acceptance of the challenge to write down the daily lessons that the Lord is teaching me. May it be a testimony to others of God's "mercies being new every morning" and his presence in and care for everyday life. And to my own benefit, may having my ears open to the lesson God has for me each day keep the devil at bay from trying to convince me that God doesn't care.

I encourage you to take up the challenge too! 


Dawn Thiessen

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What's the thing with calves?

Posted by Dawn Thiessen on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, In : Spiritual Warfare 
After Solomon dies, his son, Rehoboam takes over and does a horrible job resulting in Israel (except Judah) rejecting him and making Jeroboam their king. Jeroboam didn't want Israel to go back to Rehoboam when they went to the Temple in Jerusalem so he built two gold calves and placed them on either side of the kingdom and told the people that these were the gods that brought them out of Egypt (1 Kings 12:27-30). This sin of Jeroboam's is then continually referenced for the rest of the Old Te...
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Fighting the Devil -- Childsplay!

Posted by Dawn Thiessen on Thursday, May 12, 2011, In : Spiritual Warfare 

My son often watches Dora the Explorer and I usually hear it. Even though I haven't watched it much, I have been able to notice the antagonist in the show is a fox called Swiper and he always comes along to steal the item they are trasporting to grandma's house or wherever it is that episode. When he does, Dora asks the person watching to join in as they say, "Swiper no swiping!" three times. To which he always snaps his finger in dissapointment and says, "Aww man!". Then they say, "Yay! We s...

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Wife, mother, teacher, and author -- the glamorous hats I wear. I am also a daughter, sister, aunt and friend and am learning to be a good citizen. To be true to myself and to genuinely love people without an ulterior motive (even if it seems good intentioned).

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