I feel almost nervous writing this, but this blog is as much for me as it is for the few people who may one day come across it. God meets you where you are and is involved in what you are doing, and because I am currently reading this book about Mormonism (Under the Banner of Heaven), that is what is on my mind. So, when I went to church this evening I prayed that God would show me the differences between these two religions which both hold the Bible as truth, claim to be the only way, yet are different. I just couldn't put my mind on what the big difference was.
God used tonight's church service in so many ways through the sermon and singing and God gave me clarity while we were singing. That Mormonism is a works-based religion whereby you can assure your salvation by doing certain things and lose your salvation by doing other things. Also, the prophets and teachers in the Mormon church build themselves up and gain power; however, Jesus tells us that the greatest in the kingdom are those that serve and look out for the least. 
The Bible tells us that we are saved by grace not works, but still we have works set out to do (Ephesians 2:8-10). And if we have received the free gift of grace and then turn around and start trying to earn it we are considering Jesus' sacrifice as nothing. The picture I was given tonight was if you were given a multi-million dollar house and property as a gift, fully paid for, taxes too. You received the gift, said thank you and then started to work long hours and days to earn the money to pay for it. The person who gave it to you would then say, "but it's paid for, it's a gift from me, you don't need to work". But, you refuse and continue to work. This is a refusal of the gift! The giver would then say, "Fine! Work for it, pay it off. But, unfortunately you couldn't even if you worked every second of your life. It's unattainable. But because you didn't accept it as a gift, it will not be given to you." I was reminded of a supporting passage (still trying to find it) where one of the Apostles argues that if we are saved by grace but then attempt to earn it by works: 1- it's impossible and shows that you didn't understand grace in the first place and 2 - then you will be judged by the law and the law doesn't bring freedom and righteousness, but points out our sins. (Ref      )
Save for now, I'll have to finish this one later.