On Sunday morning our pastor was talking about how he preaches. Some people are thematic or topical in that they pick something to talk about and search the scriptures for support. He, however, is an expositor meaning that he takes scripture book by book and verse by verse and draws the lessons from them. He said that as an expositor you are forced to look at the whole scripture and share the whole scripture in his case, which is great.
I immediately thought of this blog and how a lot of my lessons come first and then the scriptures follow. So, this blog is admittedly a thematic one where God teaches me something and then I search the scriptures for more clarification. However, I am reading through the whole bible and a lot of my lessons are coming from that.
The main things to remember is that God does have a lesson for you every day, words of instruction on how he can be more a part of your life and if you use scripture to support a lesson you've learned then, let it speak the untainted truth.