Top Ten Reasons You Should Read Your Bible:

 10. Because your NOT "too busy" if you really think about it
9. Because God wants you.
8. Because Satan doesn't. (Who's winning in your life?)
7. Because you have the freedom to own a copy and read it in your own language anytime
6. Because that freedom may one day be taken away. (Will you remember enough to live wisely?)
5. Because you can learn from peoples' mistakes
4. Because it's filled with advice on how to live, love, and treat people today
3. So you can be prepared for the inevitable future
2. Because you're not able to learn all the lessons it has after one read. You can read it every day for 60 years and learn new lessons each day. 
1. To have a relationship with the Almighty God. Because, you can't have a relationship with anyone without listening to them. And a real relationship can't be established by listening only when you need help. To this, you may say, "well, I pray". Is that enough? Would God be happy with your answer? Is it enough to do the minimum... in a relationship? How would you feel if your spouse or best friend treated you and your relationship that way.