I'm reading Job again. Many are familiar with his story: a righteous man blessed by God with riches and family is targeted by Satan. God allows Satan to take away his wealth, family, and health which Satan hopes to prove to God that those things are the only reason Job loves God. But there all taken away and Job explains that God gives and he takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord! Job knows that he has not done anything wrong, but his friends come to talk to him. The conversation goes back and forth with the gist being his 'friends' think that because all this bad has come to him, he must have sinned and their mad at him because he won't admit it. Job explains that their rationale is not correct, that there are wicked people that are wealthy and die with a grand funeral! So, if God can give blessings to wicked people then he can give 'curses' to good people. This also gives evidence to justice being served at the Resurrection. This dilema is also talked about by Paul in the New Testament.