I am not as nice as I thought I was. We had a slumber party at my brother's house a couple of months ago, a way of spending more time with the family over the Christmas holidays. It was a great idea, to be able to put the kids to bed and then be able to stay up and play games. When you have kids you realize that it is virtually impossible to have a lengthy conversation or uninterrupted visit unless they are sleeping. So, this was a great idea.
            My kids were the youngest and the first to be put to bed. The games started and I was upstairs trying to settle my daughter down and keep my son in his bed. I put my daughter down and she started bawling; my son, started stirring in the next room so I picked her up again. I rocked her in my arms and my son went to sleep. I attempted to put her down again, she wouldn't take it. I would let her cry it out if we were at home, but not here where she would disturb other kids. I started to pray for help, then cry. I was frustrated because I wanted to go downstairs and play, I felt like it was unfair. Then I would feel guilty for putting my needs before my kids'. I am supposed to serve them, but I just want to be served. When will it be about me?
            Will it ever be about me? If I am seeking a time when it will all be about meeting my needs, I think I am headed in the wrong direction. We are called to serve Christ. When we do that, living out the plan God has for us, we will be complete and happy. But, it won't be about meeting our needs. Our heart is not right that way. This challenge made me realize that I am missing the mark with loving my kids and God.