My husband bought a magic eraser type thing (store brand) yesterday and after the kids were in bed we tried it out on a few areas, mostly crayon and felt marks. Isn't married life with kids interesting?!? Actually these kinds of adventures are the most fun - making the most out of the little things. What I realized is how happy I was to have those marks gone. I felt genuine happiness. These were marks that I was disappointed when I first saw them, cringed every time I saw them, had to continue battling between allowing them to get to me or realize that I love my kids more than the messes they make. I could let go of all of that when the marks were finally gone. This made me think of the true happiness that came/comes when my sins were/are forgiven.
The truth is, I often am not as happy as I should for that forgiveness - I take it for granted. Seeing a simple example of marks being wiped clean in my life today, reminded me of what I really have in Christ. Even the little things can preach the gospel if you listen.