Today's lesson was obviously about joy in the Christian life. A student shared his testimony in chapel today and declared that his life with God is so much more fun than what he got from drinking and drugs. Also, my husband caught up with an old acquaintance and heard his testimony of how he was struggling with drugs and imprisoned at one time before turning his life over to God and now he is "on-fire" and excited about life with the Lord. 
This is true in my life too, but how come this joy is so often misunderstood? I remember when I was not a Christian being so annoyed at Christians for being so happy, and thinking of how their life must be so boring and missing "real" life. In my reading today too, I read how David was dancing with such joy as they brought the Ark of the Lord into Jerusalem that  one of his wives Michal looked at him with contempt. But David responded by saying that he was dancing for the Lord not for people and that he would become even more undignified and humiliated than this because it wasn't about how he appeared before others but God (2 Samuel 6:14-23). Do I annoy people with my joy? I don't mind because I am happy and fulfilled in my relationship with the one true God! Woo Hoo!