Yesterday the kids and I were watching, "Santa Claus". They had their PJ's on and we were quieting down. My husband told me about an outdoor carol singing by our city's nativity scene put on by some local Christians and suggested we should go. The kids sounded interested but it was too late. "No kids, we're going to stay home and watch Santa..." As the words left my mouth I realized I had to go. I want to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas and although a bit unconventional this would be a memory we should make.
I got their snow gear on and got them into the van. We drove down and joined the crowd. I only knew a few of the 40 people, but I felt like I was with family. This is our family, our church family. We sang a few songs and then walked around the creche. I gave the kids time to look and study each character. 
As we got back into the van my daughter asked why we were singing. I said, "we were singing to God to thank him for sending Jesus." 
 My 3 year-old son interjected to correct me, "mom, God and Jesus are together. God is in Jesus and Jesus is in God." 

"That's right! How did you know that?" Amazed at his perception of the trinity.
"God 'splaned it to me."
"Wow, some adults don't even know how that works. Don't stop talking to God!"
"I won't, he hears me now."
I was blown away! The ability of kids to understand such deep truths makes me glad that I took the time to encourage this development by singing with fellow Christians in the cold night instead of staying warm and letting the TV teach my kids about Christmas miracles.

 P.S. - We'll probably watch the rest of "Santa Claus" but I will be aware that their learning and to discuss what they are perceiving.