Prince William and Kate got married last night. It was called the "event of a generation". Weddings are great, lasting marriages better, and a relationship with Jesus is best. It may seem odd placed, but it's true; a relationship with Jesus is the only unconditional loving and forever lasting relationship we can ever have. The song I walked down the aisle to was "Oh Happy Day" from the movie Sister Act 2. My wedding day was such a happy day, but as the song says, "when Jesus washed ... my sins away" that is the "happy day". Other happy days are great, (weddings, births etc.) but Christ's death and resurrection and the day YOU accept that truth, is the happiest, greatest day in history. 
Last weekend was Easter and we sang a song called "Happy Day" by Tim Hughes. I hadn't realized this connection of "happy day" songs, weddings and the greatest day in history. This was my lesson from God today, I am glad I was listening.