This weekend our church is hosting Loren Cunningham the founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) a group of bible schools set up all around the world. My husband and I both went on a YWAM before we got married, the experience allowed us to grow a lot in our faith. It was great to hear Loren talk, a 75 year old man who didn't have a set sermon but kept us engaged in telling us what God is doing around the world. He has personally visited every sovereign nation on Earth and many other territories. The overwhelming lesson he has learned from this is the profound impact of scripture on a nation. The western world began to explode after the Guttenberg press was invented and the Bible was put into the hands of the people. The law and governance of Canada and the United States were based on the Bible, even American money claims "In God we Trust". Although we have strayed from our original commitment as a country our success is still attributed to this.
I haven't been to as many countries as Loren Cunningham but I have been to enough of a variety to have come to the same conclusion this year. My husband and I led a mission's trip to Ukraine this year and I was amazed at how the country to appeared to be similar in some ways to other European countries (especially in Kiev) but also knowing that their government is totally corrupt. The country tried to unite in the past election to not have a certain president elected, called the Orange Revolution. They came together as a people, had the vote and he still got in. The people concluded that it didn't matter what they did, they would just have to accept it and try to live their own lives. Whereas in Canada if you have a problem with a government decision you can speak your mind, you can also unite as a people to make your voices heard and a change made. There are so many places in the world where corrupt governments are just a fact of life, what's the difference? The word of God! That's another reason to continue to send out Missionaries - not to interrupt culture but to bring the answers to everyday life too.