Right now I am reading Judges and the story of Samson. I've heard this story since I was a child, but I've never seen it as so weird before. It seems like as a judge of Israel bringing God's judgement on it's oppressors he sure isn't someone to emulate. All of his acts on the Philistines seemed revengeful. He was tricked out of his riddle so he went and killed 30 Philistines to fulfill his payment. His first wife was given in marriage to the best man at his wedding, when he found out he caught 300 hundred foxes, tied their tails in pairs and attached a lit torch to each. They ran through the fields and burnt up all their food. The Philistines retaliated and in an attempt to appease Samson, they killed his wife and father-in-law. This made him even more mad so he reacted and killed a bunch more people. The Israelites were starting to get frustrated with Samson too so they met him at the cave, tied him up (with his Samson's permission) and brought him to the Philistines. They thought they had the victory until Samson broke the ropes, picked up a donkey's jawbone and killed a thousand Philistines. He went to another town, spent the night with a prostitute and then left through the city gates pulling them off their hinges and carrying them quite a distance. Even in the final act of Samson's life he prays that God would give him strength one last time to get back at the Philistines for gouging out his eyes -- not for speaking against God that you might think is a noble cause.
What this did show me is that God can use anyone to do His work. He also knows us so well that he knows how we will react in situations, our motivations and can work through us "flaws and all". I want to be used by God. This also shows me that God doesn't work the way I think he should and when situations come about like that, I need to accept that he is God and I am not and not to ignore that representation. I have in the past picked and chosen the verses that represent a God that I can work with, one that makes me feel good. But I need to continue to read the Bible to see the full picture of God and honor Him for being God.