I had a meeting with one of my administrators today and we talked about the way I prepare students for future ideas and arguments dealing with evolution, origins and faith. I said that I wanted my students to realize that their faith centers around Jesus' life, death and resurrection which is proven. As far as evolution vs. creation and Old-Earth vs. Young-Earth goes there will always be discrepancies. Visible galaxies that would need 13.7 billion years to exist and be seen from earth and limiting factors that point to an earth that can't be more than 10,000 years (ie. Earth's fading magnetic field, the rate the moon moving away from us). From a creationist point of view the supremacy of God can explain why the earth and universe appears to be older than it is, because God created an earth on day-one that would have looked older than one-day old. From an evolutionist point of view Young-Earth evidence could be ruled out by evidences of an Old-Earth. The main point is that no one will be "won over for Christ" by presenting a good argument or winning a debate. In fact, the way you debate and the attitude you display could actually deter someone from Christ even if you won the argument!
What does the Bible say about strategies to "win" over people. Proverbs 3:3-7 tells one to be loving and faithful and to not think of yourself as wise to win man and God's approval. 1 Corinthians 9:19-22 has Paul share that he becomes all things to all men in order to win them to Christ that being religious, not-religious, learned or naive, strong or weak. In the end, winning people is about meeting them where they are at, being sensitive to what God has already been teaching them and to be real, humble, faithful and loving. I still need help!